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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website

Hello, I'm Lisa, a clinical massage therapist based in Leicestershire.

I use a number of different therapy techniques which I refer to as my toolkit for helping people to function at their best.

All of these techniques complement each other and I use them and my experience to offer bespoke treatments to clients based on their symptoms, seeking to understand what may have initially caused the problems and support them on their recovery from an injury, accident or surgery.

Whether it is everyday life, your job, surgery, injuries or sports that may have led to your discomfort or restricted movement, the techniques can be used to help with aches and pains, increasing your range of movement, enhancing sports performance, or dealing with that feeling of tension in the body that we can all get from time to time.

You will find a summary of the therapies I offer including Remedial Massage, Sports Massage, Myofascial release, Sharon Wheelers Scar Therapy and Restore Scar Therapy massage, which you may know as Scar Tissue Therapy, The Emmett technique, Gentle Release Therapy, Oncology Massage ,Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Kinesiology Taping.

If you would like any additional information or to chat about how these may help you, please get in contact. You can book an appointment online at the Idyllic Wellbeing clinic by clicking on the booking button below or call 0116 259 3778.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), is a light massage technique that helps and supports the body's lymphatic system. It is as a very relaxing treatment, it can help with many conditions including to reduce lymphatic fluid out of a swollen limb, supporting the immune system, improving energy levels, enhancing quality of sleep and assisting with sinus issues. The various techniques are applied in a specific sequence to stimulate and assist the lymphatic system and encourage the lymph to flow more efficiently.

Scar Tissue Therapy

Is your scar tissue causing restriction in movement or pain? Do you have an unsightly scar from surgery, an accident or burn? Are you embarrassed about the way your body looks now because of a scar? I am a Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork practitioner and ScarWork helps with post-operative, accident or burn scars. Please visit my Scar Tissue Therapy page for more information.


Please visit my Massage page for a summary of the types of massage and techniques that I can use. I tend to use a combination of techniques I have acquired during my various training to provide maximum benefit in one appointment. If you are interested in a specific type of treatment or would like more information please let me know.

Myofascial Release (MFR)

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a mild and gentle form of stretching that can have a very positive effect upon the body. A slow gentle pressure allows the body’s tissue to reorganise without force, release physical restrictions and release the body’s unconscious holding and bracing patterns.

Emmett Technique

Emmett is a treatment that uses light finger pressure and switching motions to release tension, pain and discomfort and bring balance to the body. Most people report an immediate and significant improvement with the problem that has been troubling them, for example restricted arm movement. Please visit my Emmett Technique page for more information.

Gentle Release Therapy

Gentle Release Therapy is a fully clothed therapy that uses Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Theory to help understand what might be going on in the body on a physical and emotional level. Please visit my Gentle Release Therapy page for more information.

I can help with:

Postural issues & realignment

Injury prevention & rehab

Sports / Remedial massage

Scar tissue release

Increased range of movement

Jaw Pain (TMJ)

Improve appearance of Scars

Sporting event preparation (marathons etc)

Some frequently asked questions...

What should I wear

during a session?

Clients are advised to wear loose fitting clothes as a treatment may begin with a postural assessment and a range of movement tests.

You may like to bring a pair of loose, short, shorts to change into, and for ladies, a vest top or similar.

Most of the techniques I use (but not all of them) work best directly on the skin therefore some degree of undress may be required during treatment, the body parts that are not being treated will always be covered.

Ladies if you have a massage appointment please wear a bra that fastens at the back rather than some sport type bras that are pulled over the head.

If you are having a TMJ therapy appointment, please remove any make-up before you arrive for your appointment.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss what to bring to the appointment in more detail, please get in contact.

What should I expect in a Scar Tissue Therapy appointment?

I prefer to have a chat via telephone or online meeting before your first in-person appointment to understand a bit more about you, your scar, your reason for seeking treatment and detail regarding your health background. This I find helps put clients mind at ease before their appointment as scars and any discomfort they create can have emotion and apprehension linked to them.

For your appointment it is advisable to wear loose clothing so you are comfortable, blankets will be used to keep you covered ensuring I have access to the area where I am applying the techniques.

ScarWork treatment and scar massage techniques use very gentle pressure, oils or creams may or may not be used. I work within your comfort levels and for as long as is appropriate for the type and age of the scar/s you have.

The treatment isn’t painful, and clients normally find it a relaxing and a therapeutic experience.

What should I expect in a

TMJ appointment?

The initial session will include an assessment of your individual needs, looking at the areas of pain and discomfort and an assessment of your general posture and jaw area.

Treatment will include soft tissue work both around the head and neck.

Techniques may be completed inside the mouth (intraorally) if the client is comfortable with this approach. Gloves and strict hygiene measures are followed when these technique are used. If due to the level of discomfort the client prefers not to have any intra oral work, other techniques can be used, but it may take longer to obtain the desired effects.

The techniques are considered light touch, also known as myofascial techniques, they do not exert strong pressure on the jaw or surrounding tissues.

Sometimes I may assess your pelvis and spine as these could also be influencing tension in the TMJ area.

Any advice after a DORN therapy appointment?

I recommend no heavy lifting or too much bending over e.g. gardening for at least 24 hours.

I do have a leaflet that I provide to clients that have had a complete DORN therapy treatment which includes after-care and self-care tips for after your appointment.

I always recommend increasing your intake of water for the next 24 hours and to avoid being in a draught, especially on the way home.

Any advice for after

my appointment?

I will provide any suggestions at the end of your appointment for any 'homework' that may be required to provide optimum benefit of your treatment. This could include stretches etc.

I will always suggest that you increase your water intake for 24 hours after you appointment, and if you have had a lot of work completed around your neck and shoulders, I recommend that you ensure you avoid being in a draught especially on the way home.

Do you have a

cancellation policy?

Yes. If you need to cancel or amend your appointment, please give at least 24 hours’ notice so the space can be filled from my waiting list.

All appointments missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice of the appointment will be charged the full cost of the appointment.

Get in touch

Please email me using the enquiry form below if you would like to have a chat about any of the treatments I offer. Alternatively, you can call me on 07707 662412.

Each appointment is tailored to you

For scars, TMJ and chronic conditions a number of appointments will be recommended. If you are currently receiving treatment for cancer or have had cancer treatment in the past there are a few details I would like to discuss with you prior to your appointment to ensure you receive the optimum benefit.

My location

My therapy room is currently located in the Idyllic Wellbeing clinic, based at Wistow Rural Centre, Kibworth Road, Leicestershire, LE8 0QF.

About me

My training to date:

I qualified as a Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage therapist (BTEC level 5) in 2015. More recently I have obtained additional qualifications to expand the techniques and therapies I can use to assist people, these include:

  • Sharon Wheelers ScarWork, including advanced ScarWork courses for Musculoskeletal and Breast Cancer surgery
  • Restore Scar Therapy - Oncology scar specialist, C-Section scar specialist & Understanding Scars Advanced Theory
  • Oncology Massage DIploma
  • Dorn Method
  • TMJ Diploma
  • Emmett Technique practitioner & EP Level 1
  • Gentle Release Therapy advanced practitioner
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Reflexology Diploma

Professional Memberships

I am a current member of the following professional organisations and I am listed in their therapist directories, I adhere to their code of conduct and Continuing Professional Development requirements:

*previously known as the Sports Massage Association

Supporting Others
  • I provided Scar Tissue therapy treatments to registered clients at Together Against Cancer in Leicester for four years.
  • I have volunteered at a number of sporting events including the Leicester Marathon, Rutland Water events and the Market Bosworth Half Marathon